Here you will find information on the key features and concepts in the game

Your Charakter

Your character is your alter ego in the world of Crime-Cartel. Earn experience points to level up , train your attributes and equip yourself with the best of weapons.


Move your mouse over your avatar and you will see a change field. There you can select an image from your computer and upload it.


The experience points help you to level up. You get them when you complete missions.


The classes in Crime-Cartel differ primarily by how they make damage and fend off blows.


Character > Properties, you can review your attributes. You can increase this by buying with money and using skill points , or equipment with better values. At each level increase you get 10 skill points to spend.


With money you can further increase your attributes. You can buy new weapons and armor and reinforce this. Money you get by you complete assignments and missions by winning battles against other players.


In your wallet , you can always see how much money you have left . At the beginning of your wallet is limited to $ 25,000 . All 25 levels are greater your wallet and you can save more money. At midnight, you get a 10% bonus on your Saved money.


With gold you can shorten waiting times and buy special items.


In the ranking you can fight to the top by winning duels against other players. The higher the defeated opponent in the list the more points you get for the battle won.


In the shop you can buy skill points. In addition, get the latest weapons and armor are available for purchase.


In the inventory the items you purchased will be stored . Here you have the possibility to improve the acquired assets and / or create .


The energy shows your current physical status. In some missions, your energy decreases. The longer the mission lasts the more energy you lose. The energy will be regenerate, every 15 minutes you get 1 point back . So you get about 100 energy per day, you can invest in missions and jobs .


In duels you can compete with other players and fight your way to the top of the ranking. Besides, you can decrease your opponents a lot of money . After each competition you have to take a 10 minutige break.

Voting Bonus

For every vote for Crime Cartel you do, soon as your vote has been counted, you get a surcharge of 1% on your money.

Weapons and Weapon upgrades

In the shop bought weapons and equipment are stored in your inventory. You can equip it directly or improve it there. With each improvement also increases the chance that the weapon or equipment will be destroyed. On the first try you have a chance of 95% that it will improve the weapon. On the second try the chance is on 90%, later at 85% and so on.